Why We Don’t Take Insurance

Pay-as-you-go alternative to Why We Don't Take Insurance. Benefits: individualized, no-rushed, patient satisfaction gynecological healthcare. Reproductive endocrinology, Infertility, gynecology Gerald V. Burke, MD Voorhees, NJ

Going to a doctor that doesn’t take insurance can be frightening. Especially if you have insurance coverage. But if you look at the benefits of how it can affect the care you need and want, you will be able to make a better decision about the quality of care you receive.


What is Pay-as-You-Go Healthcare? 

Pay-as-You-Go healthcare is also be referred to as self-pay, cash-pay, direct payment, fee-for-service and sometimes concierge.


Doctors choose to accept pay-as-you-go payments (cash, check or credit card) from patients instead of insurance. These healthcare alternatives involve paying for medical services directly without using insurance. Patients will be required to pay in full for services rendered to them and will be asked to make payment at the time services are rendered.


Patients may opt for this alternative healthcare because they are looking for a special level of care and attention concerning their needs that they have not received elsewhere.


Only services rendered by Dr. Burke incur financial responsibility for the patient. Laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy expenses will generally be covered by your health insurance in the usual manner.

You come first

A professional medical relationship that is going to cure illness, solve problems, and prevent disease requires 30 to 75 minutes of time. That is what patients receive in Dr. Burke’s office.


Anything less does not permit this personal medical attention that people need. Instead, people are reduced to units for processing. This is not practicing the “profession” of medicine and not an acceptable relationship to Dr. Burke, his staff, nor to you, his patients.


Patients feel safe, secure, empowered, cared for and listened to in Dr. Burke’s office where their best interest always comes first.

You deserve the best unhurried healthcare

Why We Don't Take Insurance? Pay-as-You-Go healthcare gives patient focused care in unhurried fashion giving time and attention for best care

In most practices, the gynecologic visit consists of 15 minutes or less of actual direct contact between the provider and the patient.


The entirety of gynecologic care is condensed into 15 minutes or less, often by a non-physician.


This is a lost opportunity to truly screen for the general and the gynecologic health of a woman.



Why We Don’t Take Insurance

Your health care takes time. It takes dedication and compassion from a trained physician who is skilled and competent in his specialties.


A doctor cannot provide this quality of medical care and accept commercial health insurance plan payments. It is financially impossible.


Processing four or more patients per hour changes the focus of the doctor/patient relationship from care of the person to the processing of billing units. This impersonal relationship is unacceptable to Dr. Burke and will not happen in his office. He and his staff see each patient as an opportunity to serve another person.


Dr. Burke is able to create this medical care relationship by offering “pay-as-you-go” concierge medical services. By accepting payment at the time of the visit, Dr. Burke saves the patient the annual fee that is the norm to provide concierge quality services. The patient is only paying for what they use. This permits high-quality care to be provided at affordable prices.


Why I choose to be a cash-pay practitioner

Because I care about my patients, their heath and well-being.

More than 44 years ago, I took an oath, a commitment to provide the best and most appropriate care available to my patients. This commitment will always be the unwavering focus of my practice.


Priority on patient care

First, all patients are seen personally by Dr. Burke, a subspecialty trained, Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist with over 40 years of medical experience. There are no “providers” or “physician extenders” (nurse practitioners, physician assistants or mid-wives) in our practice.


Second, Dr. Burke will not have the care given to his patients be determined by businesspeople who routinely over-schedule and set time limits on patient visits. Businesspeople do not determine your medical care. Your medical problem does.


Your health and well-being are Dr. Burke’s primary concerns. That is why Dr. Burke will only treat patients in the fullest sense of a medical professional, a true MD.


We have your best interest at heart. We can only assure this by being an independent medical doctor practice answering only to you, our patients, not corporate overlords.


Dr. Burke can spend the time with each person that they need during their office visit. When they leave, each patient has Dr. Burke’s private cell phone number to contact him outside of office hours.


Dr. Burke is available daily through email, text messaging, and direct phone calls. This open access communication empowers patients to participate actively in their care.


Why We Don't Take Insurance? Pay-as-You-Go healthcare gives patient focused care in unhurried fashion giving time and attention for best care. Reproductive endocrinologist, Infertility, Gynecology Gerald V. Burke, MD Voorhees, NJ


The Patient-Centric Advantages of Pay-As-You-Go 

In the realm of healthcare, the landscape is evolving, and patients are seeking more personalized and convenient options. Among these is the rising popularity of pay-as-you-go physicians. In contrast to traditional models, where patients navigate through insurance bureaucracies and copayments, this innovative approach offers a direct and transparent payment system. 


You may ask yourself why you would choose to pay out of pocket to see a doctor when you have insurance.


As you seek to answer this question and determine if a pay-as-you-go model is the right choice for you, consider the following benefits. 


Overall patient satisfaction

Patients feel valued and heard, leading to higher satisfaction with their healthcare experience. From preventive care and routine check-ups to diagnostic tests and minor procedures, patients have access to comprehensive gynecological services.


Patient focused care in an unhurried fashion

In a pay-as-you-go private practice setting, Dr. Burke has the freedom to prioritize personalized care over meeting insurance-driven quotas. Health decisions are made without insurance/business oversight with financial considerations.


Strong patient/doctor relationship

Because Dr. Burke has more time to listen to patient concerns, provide thorough explanations, and tailor treatment plans according to individual needs, it fosters stronger doctor-patient relationships.


No waiting for weeks to get an appointment. 

Physicians operating on a pay-as-you-go basis are able to focus more on patient care. This translates to shorter wait times for appointments, extended consultation durations, and increased availability for urgent concerns. Patients no longer need to navigate through layers of bureaucracy to schedule an appointment or seek medical advice promptly.


Cost Transparency

An advantage of a pay-as-you-go practice is the clarity in costs. Patients often struggle to decipher complex insurance policies and understand their financial obligations. However, in this model, the fees for services are upfront and transparent. Patients know exactly what they are paying for, eliminating the surprise bills that can accompany traditional insurance-based care.


Continuous doctor availability via phone, texts and email

Patients are free to contact Dr. Burke outside of office hours with concerns and questions giving them peace of mind through their healthcare journey.


Medicare Note: Dr Burke does accept Medicare from his qualified patients.


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