Fees and Insurance Policy

Fees and Insurance Policy

The only insurance that Dr. Burke participates in is Medicare. This is done as a service to the senior citizens who are on fixed incomes.


Otherwise, Dr. Burke does not participate in any other private or government sponsored insurances, including any Medicaid insurance plans.


All services are provided on a fee-for-service basis with payment being expected from the patient at the time the service is provided. The patient is provided with a receipt that is suitable for submission to their insurance company for reimbursement according to the terms of their individual insurance policy.


Current office visit charges are as follows:

  • New patient visit (average duration 60 minutes) – $400.00
  • Follow-up visit (average duration 30 minutes) – $200.00


For a more complete fee schedule of additional services/procedure, please contact the office or Dr. Burke.

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