Second Medical Opinion Policy

Due to Dr. Burke’s formal training, background and over 35 years of medical experience, he is uniquely qualified to give a patient a second opinion regarding the treatments rendered or recommended for nonmalignant gynecologic processes. These areas include, but not limited to, infertility treatments and results, pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, vaginal bleeding or lack thereof, acne, hair growth, PMS/PMDD, and other gynecologic and hormonal disorders.

An adequate second opinion requires that the patient supply Dr. Burke with their pertinent medical records for review. This would include all hospital and office notes, surgical and pathology reports, laboratory reports, and radiology reports and films. If some records are unavailable, this will limit Dr. Burke’s ability to give a full and accurate second opinion.

Based on your history and the results of the review of your records, Dr. Burke may recommend to you that you permit him to perform a focused physical examination. This may be necessary to optimally opine on your issues. A focused physical examination, if indicated, will require your permission.

The usual duration a second opinion is 60 to 120 minutes. Fees are compatible with the time spent and are payable at the time of the service. These may or may not be reimbursable to you through your insurance company.

At your request, Dr. Burke will provide you with a written report.

Please note, providing a second opinion does not establish a Doctor/Patient relationship with you. You do not automatically become a patient of Dr. Burke’s under his care. A separate, formal New Patient office visit is required to establish a Doctor/Patient relationship.

Gerald Burke, M.D.