Medical Practice Philosophy

My philosophy and approach to medicine is that the practice of medicine is a privilege and a profession, not a business, birth right or “service industry.” At the core of my medical practice is the relationship between myself and each person that I serve. Each patient is a unique and special individual deserving and receiving the attention that their problems require. Each office visit is centered on addressing their problems and concerns and is not limited by artificial time constraints designed to optimize profits in a managed care environment.

The current “business model of medicine” that has become so prevalent today, where doctors are employees of corporations and are referred to as “health care providers” simply serves to dehumanize and disintegrate the doctor-patient relationship and the quality of care. Substituting “physician extenders”, such as Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician’s Assistants, for physicians, and requiring that patients be seen at 12-15 minute intervals, only compromises a patient’s medical care. This is something that I refuse to do.

Gerald V. Burke, M.D.