Fatigue and PMDD

Get help, diagnosis, treatment and relief for severe fatigue related to PMDD by correcting hormone levels with reproductive endocrinologist. Gerald V. Burke, MD Voorhees, NJ

It’s rough when you are feeling so exhausted you can barely get through the day. Did you know that extreme fatigue and PMDD are related?

Underlying hormonal disorder of PMDD

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) are on the spectrum of female hormone mediated emotional disorders/responses. They are the same medical condition and only vary in the degree of severity.


Cyclic, premenstrual fatigue is a manifestation of PMDD that is poorly understood and seldom appreciated. Whether by itself or when associated with other classic symptoms of PMDD, this is another manifestation of the underlying hormonal disorder.


And as with the other symptoms of PMDD, when properly diagnosed and treated, it resolves completely.


Fatigue and PMDD

The fatigue of PMDD is related to the hormonal fluctuations every woman experiences during her menstrual cycle. It only begins after ovulation, when the hormone progesterone is produced by her ovaries. It resolves by the end of menses, if not sooner.


The exact timing of the symptomatic days vary from woman to woman and can change over time. These symptoms are a signal of changes in the ovulatory function and hormone production of the ovaries.


Severity of fatigue and PMDD

The severity of the fatigue can also vary from mild to disabling. Severely affected women often find themselves dozing off in the middle of a task or activity This is extremely dangerous in many situations. The more severe cases are often mistaken for narcolepsy. 


What is the treatment for PMDD and fatigue?

The hallmark of fatigue from PMDD is that it is a medical disease caused by a hormonal imbalance. It can be completely resolved by hormonal treatment.


Symptoms only occur in menstruating women who are ovulating and producing progesterone. Progesterone is the trigger in susceptible women that initiates an emotional response that can extend from mild anxiety, annoyance or the “blues” to overwhelming anxiety, uncontrollable outburst of rage or fits of suicidal depression and despair.


Progesterone triggered cyclic fatigue also follows this same pattern of intensity. Adequate levels of progesterone completely relieves the fatigue.


Get help, diagnosis, treatment and relief for severe fatigue related to PMDD by correcting hormone levels with reproductive endocrinologist. Gerald V. Burke, MD Voorhees, NJ


Fatigue that interferes with daily life

While many women experience a degree of fatigue in the premenstrual period, treatment is indicated when the fatigue interferes with her activities daily of life. A lack of energy and motivation that is contrary to the woman’s nature during other periods of her menstrual cycle is a symptom of this condition.


Correcting hormone levels

Treatment is to either prevent the production of progesterone or supplement a woman’s internal production of progesterone with the natural hormone and raise the levels in her brain to an adequate level. In both cases the fatigue resolves almost immediately and the individual can go about her planned activities.


If cyclic fatigue is interfering with your life, there is help.


Dr Burke, a Reproductive Endocrinologist/Gynecologist with a focused interest in the treatment of PMDD and its related symptoms, can appropriately diagnose and treat this condition.


The change in your life will be dramatic.


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