Free Consults Policy

Dr. Burke will provide a free, 30 minute consult for individuals who are not sure if they would like to engage Dr. Burke as their physician.

Please note that this free consultation visit does not establish the individual as a patient of Dr. Burke’s with the rights, privileges and obligations that are established when a doctor-patient relationship is established. The purpose of this consultation is only to see : 1) if the patient has a condition that Dr. Burke feels he can appropriately treat and; 2) that the patient would like to proceed with that treatment with Dr. Burke.

The free consultation visit is optimized if the patient brings with them any records that may be pertinent to the problem that generated the visit.

Please note that if you cannot attend a scheduled free consultation visit, you must notify Dr. Burke within 72 hours of the time the visit is scheduled and the reception of this notification must be acknowledged by the office. Failure to do this will result in your losing the privilege to reschedule this free consultation visit.

Gerald V. Burke, M.D.